Hood Washing: Low Cost, High Margin Business

March 23, 2021

What characteristics do businesses need to have to succeed? For one, you need to have a product or service that is desirable to a certain group of people, whether it is for a niche sector or the general population. For another, this product or service has to have margins that make sense. If you are selling something for $50, but it costs $45 to make, your business isn’t likely to last. This aspect of a business is integral to the survival of companies: margins are everything. That is what has allowed Hood Guyz to thrive in their niche marketplace, and part of what makes them such an enticing franchising opportunity.

The Costs Are Low, And The Margins Are High

Hood Guyz is a commercial cleaning business that handles the hard-to-reach aspects of kitchen cleaning. This includes things like hood cleaning, vent cleaning, and exhaust cleaning. Servicing restaurants, Hood Guyz has an established market and a tried and true formula that extends itself well to franchising. There is a very real need in restaurants for this sort of job, as, without proper hood and vent cleaning, grease fires are a serious risk. As well, for Hood Guyz franchise owners, the costs are low, and the margins are high.

Because Hood Guyz is a mobile business, meaning franchisers don’t need to have a specific space rented out, overhead is heavily minimized. With a low cost of entry into franchising, the initial investment is minimized. This means that much of the money that is made as the owner of a Hood Guyz franchise is profit. These margins make it easier to grow the business and have an operation that could skyrocket.

These Margins Make It Easier To Grow The Business

Hood Guyz offers people looking to start a franchise in an industry with high margins a great opportunity. The overall risk of the operation is much lower than with most franchises because owners can work on the go. The two biggest components to a successful business are having good margins and a service or product that there is a demand for. Hood Guyz has both of these in spades, making them an exceptional franchising opportunity.

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