The Hood Guyz Franchising Process

April 23, 2021

Franchising is a big commitment. For many people, it represents a large leap of faith. People pivot away from their prior jobs, chasing the appeal that comes from joining an established brand, being their own boss, and gaining financial mobility. At Hood Guyz, we understand that this is a big transition and a big decision, so we do everything we can to make the process as comprehensive yet simplified for our new franchisees, so they learn as much as possible in a way that is easy for them. Here’s a breakdown of some of the steps it takes to become the newest owner of a Hood Guyz franchise.

We have a multi-step process to getting our new franchisees ready for launch, from the early stages on. First, we make early contact with potentially interested parties and provide them with preliminary information about our business. This includes explaining what we do as a commercial kitchen cleaning business that excels at pressure cleaning the hard-to-reach areas of kitchens like oven hoods and vents.

Then, we give an introduction to our team. With over 8 decades of combined management experience, the Hood Guyz team is experienced at driving growth and helping create new business leaders. We explain more about the franchising process, and what we expect from new team members.

We have a multi-step process to getting our new franchisees ready for launch.

Next, we have a virtual discovery day that will introduce you to key documents and give you access to some of our experts. The goal is to further prepare you to take your next step as a franchisee with all the vital information you’d need.

Then, if all parties are ready to move forward, you’d sign your franchising agreement. That’s when the real work starts!  When the franchising agreement is signed, and the franchise fee paid, our extensive training begins. There is a lot to learn, from how to do the cleaning service, and how to successfully run a business. Our goal is to give you all the tools you need to be fully operational and successful. We have programs that help drive sales, so you can see an early ROI on your franchising investment.

Once we’ve finished training, it’s finally time for launch. With all the tools, training, and expertise we provide, we believe our franchisees will have all the necessary knowledge and practical skills to rapidly succeed in this multi-billion-dollar juggernaut of an industry.

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