Retail food service companies by law have to have our services. There are close to 1 Million food establishments in the U.S, that need their hood exhaust systems cleaned on a regular basis. In addition to this, there are over 6,000 to 7,000 restaurant grease fires annually in the United States. This is attributed to grease buildup within the hood exhaust sytems due to insufficient and incomplete cleaning.


Grease Fires in 2010


Grease Fires in 2011


Grease Fires in 2012


Grease Fires in 2013


Daily food preparation in the commercial kitchen, grease, oil deposits and fumes can move from the kitchen air into the hoods resulting in the highly inflammable build-up upon the interior lining. Moreover the deposits lead to the breeding ground of bacteria and harmful contaminants. They move and affect the food quality, heat, and safety of the consumer. As per NFPA, 54 percent of all restaurant fires initiate in the kitchen. So the leading cause is the inappropriate cleanings and maintenance of grease hood and exhaust system. But always remember a restaurant kitchen which appears to be clean is still at risk of fire. So, it is strongly advised you to take preventive measures immediately. If you are looking for the accredited restaurant hood cleaning provider in the USA, then ‘Hood Guyz’ is the best Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning Company that offers the best Steam Cleaning of Restaurant Hoods, vents, ducts, and exhaust fans.


Our Top Franchise System is very smart. You will be building up a recurring revenue stream that ensures predictable income. Our maintenance program that we provide to commercial clients is in demand across the U.S.A. For years, we have been providing excellent kitchen and restaurant hood cleaning services to our customers such as Hood Cleaning, Hood Exhaust System Cleaning, Filter Cleaning, and Maintenance of duct, Equipment Cleaning, Access Panel Installation, and other additional services.